What Is Wet Grass Rug & How To Use It


It’s a familiar sight on a summer day, people lying on wet grass, enjoying the sun and the coolness of the ground. But what if you could bring that feeling inside? With a damp grass rug, you can enjoy the cooling comfort of nature indoors.

Everyone wants to relax as much as they can, but it’s not always easy with all of the things we have going on in our lives. Luckily for you, this wet grass rug is exactly what you need to take a load off and relax in the comfort of your home without spending too much money. Not only will it keep you cool when it’s hot outside, but it can also warm up when you need that extra bit of heat on a cold day.

What Is A Wet Grass Rug?

What Is A Wet Grass Rug

It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a rug made of the soft, thick, green synthetic turf that is kept wet at all times by the included water supply system. The result is a comfortable surface that changes the temperature to keep you feeling cool or warm, depending on the temperature of your room. The softness of the rug makes it perfect for lounging. The wet grass rug includes a built-in cushion, giving you the same comfort as an easily-overspent couch or armchair. You can sit with your friends or loved ones on this without worrying about where to place your cups or glasses because it’s made of a very durable material that won’t be easily stained or ruined.

Wet Grass Rug With A Built-In Cushion

Since the wet grass rug is made from a thick green material, it feels softer than many other rugs. But sometimes, you need to add a little extra cushion for your legs and back when you’re lounging. That’s why the wet grass rug comes with a built-in cushion, which takes away all of your excuses for not having a comfortable seat anywhere in your living room.

You can buy these grass rugs from many online stores, including IKEA and Amazon. They also come in many different sizes so that you can get one that fits your needs.

Do You Need To Keep Your Grass Wet?

No, you don’t need to keep it wet; the rug stays soft because of the water system included with it. However, if you forget to refill it for more than a few days, the water might evaporate, and the effect will be lost.

How Does A Wet Grass Rug Work?

How Does A Wet Grass Rug Work

A wet grass rug works by having an automatic system that supplies water to the area around the cushion of your rug. A pump is used to create pressure on one side of a membrane, allowing it to push out water and absorb it simultaneously. The water comes up through the turf and spreads evenly across the entire surface, making sure that your feet remain wet as you walk or sit on the rug.

You can keep this in a smaller space such as a bedroom if you want, mainly because you can adjust how wet the rug is by simply adding or taking away water. However, if you have the space for it, you could also lay this in your living room to make lounging much more comfortable.

The wet grass rug is the perfect piece of furniture for any living room or bedroom. It can even be moved outdoors during the spring and summer to enjoy the coolness on sunny days.

How To Keep Your This Artificial Grass Rug Clean

Don’t worry too much if you spill something on your wet grass rug. After all, accidents happen. Just clean up the mess using a damp cloth, and if necessary, spray some stain remover on it to keep any stains from being permanent.

Can You Use A Wet Grass Rug If You Have Pets?

Wet Grass Rug For Pets

Yes, you can; they are explicitly designed to be used by pets and humans. Unfortunately, the fake grass rug is made from synthetic materials, so it isn’t as good as natural grass when it comes to your pets. Luckily, since this surface changes the temperature to keep you comfortable, pets will also be kept cool all summer long.

Is The Wet Grass Rug Machine Washable?

Yes, you can wash it in a washing machine. When you do it, keep the water temperature cool to avoid ruining the rug’s material. If you put this in a drier when it’s still wet, be prepared for a mess because it will clump and stick together.

How Much Does A Wet Grass Rug Cost?

The wet grass rug is available for about $100 on average, but you might be able to find it for a lower price if there is a sale. Nevertheless, it won’t break your bank and is worth the price you pay for it. You can easily find this online or at stores like IKEA and Amazon.

Do you want to know more about wet grass rugs? If so, keep reading this page, and we’ll tell you everything that we’ve found out.

How Can You Use These Rugs Indoor?

You can still use your grass rug indoors, but keep in mind that you shouldn’t keep it on your hardwood or tile floor. It’s ideal for putting this on a carpet so that you can enjoy the benefits and still be comfortable.


A wet grass rug is an excellent way to liven up your living room or bedroom with the comfort of nature. You can also take this outside if you want, but it’s best to use it inside. It’s a great accent piece for any room, so you can get creative with where to place it.

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Q: Where can I get a wet grass rug?

A: You can buy this at stores like IKEA and Amazon.

Q: How much does a wet grass rug cost?

A: It doesn’t cost much; you can get it for as low as $100 or even lower if it’s on sale.

Q: Can you use a wet grass rug on dusty surfaces?

A: You shouldn’t because it will make the dust stick to the wet grass.

Q: Does a wet grass rug come with a warranty?

A: Yes, most of them do. The more advanced ones usually come with a five-year warranty from the manufacturers.

Q: How do you keep the water in your wet grass rug? 

A: There are two ways to do this; one is using a gravity-fed system that has an unnoticeable small tube tucked away at the back of your grass rug. The other way is by using a hose that’s attached to the back of your wet grass rug.

Q: Is the wet grass rug safe for children? 

A: Yes, it is safe for children and pets too.

Q: Does the the grass rug include a water pump? 

A: Depends on the product, some brands include a water pump, and some don’t.

Q: How often should I change the water? 

A: It depends on how much you use it, but most owners recommend changing the water every three days for maximum cooling performance.

Q: What are the dimensions of an average grass rug? 

A: It’s about 3 ft x 4.5 ft, but it also depends on the brand and product you buy.

Q: Can you wash a wet grass rug? 

A: Yes, there are instructions on how to clean your product. Most owners simply use lukewarm water and soap for cleaning.

Q: What is the difference between a wet grass rug and an artificial lawn?

A: The biggest difference would be the temperature. Artificial grass is meant to stay at a cooler temperature, while wet grass rugs are meant to warm up your home with their comfortable cushioning.

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